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Our nutrition advice is based on East Asian Medicine with a focus on realism for our busy daily lives. Our aim is to support you in learning ways to eat that bring your body in to balance whilst having realistic expectations given your individual lifestyle, budget and family considerations.

Much of our health is determined by our lifestyle choices including our nutrition. Indeed it could be argued from this perspective that there is no distinct difference between food and medicine - food itself can sometimes be all the medicine you need depending on your condition. The foundation of health eating is filling your diet with fresh, seasonal foods as free as possible from chemicals and over-processing. Foods in their most natural state are considered the most vital and full of Qi energy. 

Each food has a temperature effect on the body and thus it is important to eat appropriately for the season. It is why we gravitate to soups and casseroles in Winter and salads in Summer. To eat watermelon in Winter in Tasmania disrupts the natural order and balance. Many people have conditions EAM considers are related to internal cold. Thus these people are encouraged to eat warming foods and vice versa. 

There is much ancient theory and modern research to take into account. A Nutrition appointment at Sagire involves taking a health history and lifestyle check so as to come up with recommendations suited to your individual circumstances. Please contact us if you would like further information or to be notified when our planned online courses are open for registrations.

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