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Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Medicine started in the mists of time as people realised that the foods they were eating had an effect on how they were feeling. In East Asian Medicine, herbs are categorised into five flavours: astringent, sour, bitter, sweet and salty. Each flavour gives the herb different properties. It is the job of the herbal medicine practitioner to analyse the patient's condition and formulate a combination of herbs and dosage. 

The practitioner monitors progress each week and as the condition of the patient changes, the constituents of the herbal formula may change as well. Some formulas are best taken on an empty stomach, other with food.  It's important to keep track of  how you feel whilst taking the herbs, any changes you notice and if other aspects of you health change (ie becoming pregnant) so that the practitioner can ensure the best formula can be individualised for your circumstances.

Are herbs safe?

All herbs used in Australia by a qualified, registered practitioner of East Asian Herbal Medicine are approved by the TGA and are therefore safe to use. Australia also enforces a strict policy of not using endangered species. Sagire sources its herbs from a supplier that is the first and only Chinese herbal medicine company in Australia that is approved as an Australian Certified Organic Processing facility.  Meeting every one of the stringent requirements for the supply of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) herbs.

That being said, it is important to monitor your reaction to any herbal medicine. Just like any food, individuals may not tolerate certain herbs well. Let your practitioner know so they can change your formula. It's also important to tell them at your first visit if you have allergies, are pregnant or are taking any other medications - both prescription and over the counter. Likewise tell other health care providers that you are taking herbs.

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